Sunday, July 26, 2009

We started out our walk, under the setting sun. Didn't see any deer (one of the reasons we came to the lake at twilight) Yes, the setting sun made a really pretty sun streak across the tranquil lake waters (o.k. so it's just one of the many SMALL inlets), still (heavy sigh) no cute little deers.
Walking around one of the bends, what to my wondering eyes appear???! But a cute little bunny rabbit (and no reindeer). He stayed still...just like that...didn't move a muscle...and let me take snapshot after snapshot! WoW!

He looks like he's posing for the chocolate Easter Bunny!!
Wait a minute!!! Hold everything!!! Can it be true??? Look at those cute little eyes! "Hey Thumper....It's me... Bambi!!!!"
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