Monday, July 20, 2009

"Nurses Building a Healy America!"

We're not your average, pill pushing, shot giving,nurse!

Just like "Rosie the Riveter" back in the '40's wasn't your average American woman who was expected to be ONLY a wife and mother. "Rosie" proved that American women had a lot to offer in the workforce as well! "Rosie" had to be smart AND "Rosie" had to be strong! "Rosie" represented the thousands of women that stepped into a Man's World of hard labor, while the Male workforce were now off fighting WWII overseas.
I chose "Rosie the Riveter" as my Theme for this LO to represent the new and updated "Rosie" as "Rhonda the R.N." who also has to be smart and she has to be STRONG; in body, mind and spirit. I am, of course, using the universal "she" to represent both men and women in this nursing field. Women have once again stepped into a Male dominated field of nursing. The first recorded "nurses" were Monks. Even Benjamin Franklin started out as a nurse in Philadelphia, and responsible for starting one of their first Hospitals; raising the standards of nursing to a higher level.

Today, our nurses are trained to a National Level of Nursing Excellence. It takes a certain strength and determination to be an E.R. nurse. We must keep up with the latest training by continued education and certification. There are no second chances, no "do overs" in many of the life saving skills that may present to the E.R. at any given time. The only "routine" thing that happens in the E.R. is that you will never KNOW what will present to our doors at any given time! An E.R. nurse must have the strength to lift someone up out of the back seat of a vehicle, onto a stretcher, wheel through locked, card entry only, doors and start CPR and rescue breathing all at the same time! Oh ya, and don't forget to turn the patient over on his side so he can vomit! Most MI's (myocardial infarction a.k.a. heart attacks) happen right AFTER a meal! That's only a tiny part of what needs to be done...the real work comes when you reach the trauma room, start IV lines, get him on Oxygen and breath for him. On the monitor, draw blood, call Respiratory to come intubate this patient and get ready to "SHOCK" this patient IF it is the right rhythm. If it's not, go directly to pushing the cardiac drugs! Really and truly, this ONLY describes the first 5 mins. We have a goal in the ER to have our cardiac patient "from steps over the threshold of the ER to the skids under the helicopter in 30mins orLESS! Now that's some pretty darn good team work, skills and muscle power!! Not too long ago, we had a patient up and out in the "Rescue Air" helicopter in 24 mins.! Are we proud? You bet your sweet @$$ we are! And how about that patient? I don't think they would argue about the "strength, the determination and the excellence" of Piedmont Fayette Nurses!! How do I know that for sure? Because many of those patients have walked back into the E.R. to simply say "Thank you". To "Rhonda the R.N." it just doesn't get any better than that!
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