Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spending OUR SUMMER?

THIS is how we're spending our summer "vacation". With Dean hard at work on MASONIC stuff (sigh...I could refer to it as something else, but I won't...for now anyways!). He is sitting there at his desk with extensions of his desk a.k.a. table chairs and boxes and folders ALL OVER the place!~ Actually, when I look at these pictures the thing that I notice the most is the LACK of curtains! I have some wonderful material that will actually tie in the two colors of our living room...but I just can't seem to find the time. And I'm guessing that there wouldn't be any ROOM to sew on my table...and probably no chairs either!! (All those wires! looks like spaghetti junction!)
Dean's hard at work. Notice the lap top, his PC and key board, and his OLD electric typewriter! The 70's meet the next Millinium! (Notice the beautiful day outside!) That's where I'm heading next!
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