Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rest …Restore…and Renew



I recovered

an old photo that had been tucked away for

perhaps, 60-70 years.  The photo had been

sorely damaged, however the adorable baby

was almost intact! 


I’m not sure of “who” they

are.  My guess is they were friends of my Great

Grandmother Emiline and Great Grandfather John.


The baby, I believe, would have been Baby Beulah.

I couldn’t resist that angelic little baby face, I just

had to do my best and restore it with my only resources of

Picnic {which is closing 4/19/2012} and Picasa.

Here’s how I found it.   Yikes!  what a mess.



Picasa, I used the “touch up” .  


Then on to Picnic and

finished up the rest of the touch ups and added some color. Not the greatest restoration.  But I think it definitely gives them

more character and helps me to get to “know” them a little better.

{even if I don’t really know for sure who they are!} For

now…They’ll be known as Baby Beulah and her Parents.



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  1. Such a beautiful picture--and you did such a good job restoring it!

    Sorry I haven't been by in a's been keeping me from making my visits! I always appreciate when you take the time to stop by--I'll try to be better!

    Thank-you for always being so encouraging and saying the kindest things!

    Wishing you a beautiful day--