Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just HAD to show ya!

Remember this cute little cherub?
(I still think those booties are precious) She lived all her the same house
on the same street.
Right next to my
Great Grandfather. Who, by the way, lived
in the house that my Grandmother
grew up and lived the rest of her life in. And the same for my Mother, who grew up in
the same home as her Mother and Grandparents before her. This also was the house
I grew up in...and (yup)
my children grew up in.
(so when my family look at pictures you hear people
exclaim things like..."hey...look that
house wasn't there a 100 years ago...they must have
moved it back in.....etc, etc.")

Look at what I found today!

In my Mother's well preserved
The cute little cherub is now (I think) 3 years old!

It's cute little Helen (later to be Holliston's number one gym teacher!)

Awhhhwa....lookit how happy she is! She's sitting on my Great Grandfather's lawn under
the rose arbor...with her cute little box of (cracker jacks, maybe?)! Some body's not too happy now.

I think
my Great Grandfather John's little "shadow" has to go back
home! (maybe for a nap?) Cherub Helen could always
be found
("they use to say")
out in the garden
with my Great Grandfather John.
He was a "gentleman's" farmer. He even
had chickens, kittens and cats!

Cherub Helen would often boast to
my Mom, who came along a few years
after Cherub Helen, that "SHE" was
the one that was "SUPPOSE" to live
there (my great grandfather's house).
Because, "SHE" was there "FIRST"

Is this what the saying means..."It sure is
a tough row to hoe" ?

Poor little cherub Helen.
This makes my heart sad.
Look at that poor little cherub pout!

She doesn't even care much
about her " cracker jacks" does she?
She'll be back
another day
to play!

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  1. What adorable photos to go along with that sweet story! Wish I lived in my great-grandparents' house--what a wonderful thing!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely family memories with us tonight, my friend!