Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Nanna!

Laura Mae Allen b. 3/5/1891 - d. 5/1997
Thanks to Crafty Secrets for the free calendar download. The Irish Girl (online photo) the poem
is actually a post card that was found in my Mom's treasures of generations past. probably 1915-ish.

The adorable, cute, sweet and precious kitty is Angel. She's my scrap booking buddy. My photo scanner-watcher,
my computer key-board duster and my all around QC inspector of large and small things. But she "doesn't do mice!!"
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  1. Oh, so beautiful Molly! Love these precious keepsakes your Mom collected and left for you--that Irish girl is precious!

    Just caught up on your last few posts--WONDERFUL layout on your great-grandmother & grandmother--such a beautiful photo! Lovely job, dear friend!

    And no scrofula (sp?!) for me, please! Yikes! The things our ancestors used to have to deal with are terrifying, aren't they?!

    Hope the rest of your weekend is just wonderful!