Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harvest Nite Party, circa 1981'ish?

OK...so here is a picture of my daughter, dressed up as a "cowgirl" for the church harvest party. (since they couldn't have a true "Halloween" party {what eva}. Anyways...taking it up a notch from the original, dark, blue coat blending in with the dark cabinet; I noticed that although the picture was brighter and lighter....It is now also grain-y-er! {not sure there is such a word..'tis now!} Maybe the grain-y-ness is not TOO bad?

Ahhh...nope...pretty grainy. Ah-ha...maybe if I do "sepia tones"?

Ah...that's much better.
I wonder though...could I improve upon this by airbrushing?????:
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