Friday, October 1, 2010

Fast Forward Update

OK...I know it's been a while...OK...a LONG while since I last posted; but may I fast forward to today?!
This is what we've been looking at out OUR back yard!!!!
A MANGEY...UGLY...cyotee! It's even been so brazen as to come up on OUR PATIO???!!!! to partake of the friskies that are left for our outside kitties.
I scared it off...just by standing there {never said a word} and it calmly meandered across our neighbor's yard....down the side walk...and on to another yard.
This little guy has been on our neighbor's "Most Wanted" list for quite a while! I thought at first that he MUST! be rabid...coming out in the day time and all! Now...I'm not so sure. I think he's lonely, hungry...and just plain ...lost...most likely abandoned ... from his kin folks. He'll be caught...then put out of his misery. Poor little guy. At least for him, his suffering will end.
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