Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dean's Mom has been moved from her home in a retirement community to an assisted living home in South Carolina, near Greenville. The new home is beautifully kept, her room is adorable, she is well cared for and safe. Dean's twin sister, Dianne has done a tremendous job of making all of the monumental arrangements and plannings that come with such a life altering move. Dianne's son Terry has been a pillar of strength, going to the home sometimes three times in one day just to put the final adjustments to make "Hun's" (Dean's Mom) room more like her "own" room. If you were to step into her suit, you would see pictures of her entire family, pictures of days gone by where Hun and Mr. Mic stand arm in arm, faces bright and smiling on one of the many dance nights where "Mr. Mic" was the "caller". Grand daughters, grandsons, great grands, weddings, sons, daughter, etc. etc. (sigh) the song says ..."here comes another good bye". Willie Mae Shepherd. Born 10/27/23 Married to Mitchel Dean Howard, and then to Mr. Shepherd, years after "Mr. Mic's" death at the early age of 53.

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