Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy {belated} Thanksgiving!

Is there a "Happy post-black Friday Thanksgiving? After all, tonight was our first night of left-over turkey dinner! Thursday was a work day for me, so we had our dinner yesterday, black Friday. It was just the three of us, Mom, my husband and myself.'s hard not to be a bit sad remembering all of my N.E. Thanksgivings both as a child and as an adult! Although, the cats acted like wild Indians, running around and up and down the stairs, and the neighbor's dog came over and barked at the outside kitties as they polished off the turkey dripping from our big roasting pan. {scarred the beep-beep out of me!}
Another big ...sigh! Like the two pictured here; it's just them, but dinner was good. Mom had her squash pie {ick!}, and now... I get my fave...turkey sandwiches!!!
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