Friday, May 29, 2009

This is our newest addition to our "4 legged" children! Her name is Heidi. She "followed me home" one day about a year and a half ago when I brought my other 2 to the vet for their booster shots. Actually, we adopted her from our local vets, "Cat Care" Center who had taken her and 2 of her siblings in for four months. She came with all of her shots, spayed and a very sweet disposition! She fit in right away with Mattie, our #1 Male Maine Coon and our "grouchy girl" Molly! (who is old and grumpy)! Heidi definetly has Maine Coon genes, with her long fluffy "racoon type" tail and "feathers of fur" on all four paws. As you can see, her favorite place is curled up in a cool sink. This picture was taken over a year ago and she has grown to about 12-14lbs...still can squeeze herself into this small bathroom sink!
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